Just some of the numbers in this year's production:

Terry Lo's virtuosic Ballet piece, La mort d' une danseuse brings us classical Ballet vocabulary in an unconventionally humorous way. Using the much beloved Tango song, "Che Tango Che", Terry delivers a humorous take on the toils of the ballet world.

Sarri Sanchez is back for her third straight year with a new fantasy of the imagination, Suspended Animation.  From a movement foundation of Acrobatic and Modern dance, Sarri paints an exquisite picture of soulds' journey through the dark of night.
Emily Smyth Vartanian premieres Joy Jam, a piece in two parts that captures the undeniable energy in dance, both alone and in a group. The work begins with a solo dancer working with a staff and progresses to encompass the energy of sixteen dancers and their individual styles, eventually bringing everyone together with rockin' Body Music beats.

Vanessa KoneffKlatt and Lauren Oline Santiago will present an elegant Flamenco piece based in the Spanish style.   La Guajira, or fan dance, features six experienced flamencas performing the challenging choreography with all the ease and beauty inherent to the form.