Just some of the numbers in this year's production:

Más Bodythm is an encore of last year's house-rocking body music number. Lauren Oline Santiago and Emily Smyth Vartanian bring new and exciting rhythms to us this year with their foot-stomping, hand-clapping, rocking and rollicking group number that will make you want to get up and jam!

Sarri Sanchez is back again this year with another exciting, acrobatic and aerobic piece. She has the dancers moving through space in fascinating new ways, leaving us with the question of whether or not they are portraying something subHUMAN.
Distortion, choreographed and performed by Evanthia Roussos and Johanna Sityar, is a new take on classical ballet. The women have incorporated hula hoops into the work and are dancing to music from "The Matrix," but still maintain excellent technique while dancing en pointe!

Angela Drown's Miss America is both daring and hilarious. She will have you contemplating Beauty Queens, Society, and the imaginary "American Ideal," all while falling out of your chair.
Pagibig ni Lola is an excerpt from Jacqueline Rivera's longer work, and presents a story told to her by her Grandmother with a Pilipino folk tale and traditional dance in which the women balance candles on their hands as well as their heads!

Chameleon is modern Rhythm Tap set to the Herbie Hancock classic. Choreographer Namita Kapoor has received acclaim for her work with the Jazz Tap Ensemble, and students from UCLA's one and only Tap Company, "What's on Tap" bring the dance to life with fast feet and lots of energy.
Swing On! is a showcase of one of America's favorite dance forms. Choreographed by Swing and Lindy Hop addict Emily Smyth Vartanian, the piece reminds of us the joy the dance brings to those who practice it, even today, more than half a century after it began.

In Tides, Katharine Ashikita delivers a passionate performance. Her choreography is at once gentle, visceral, and challenging, and promises to be a pleasure to watch.
UNTITLED is another fun and innovative presentation. Corazón Ríos has authored a movement and spoken word piece that draws in her audience with its amusing subject matter, only to reveal its true poignancy at the very end.