The World Arts and Cultures Undergraduate Society

The Mission of the World Arts and Cultures Undergraduate Society is to provide for the interests of the undergraduate students in the World Arts and Cultures major at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Since its refounding in the year 2000, WACUS has worked in a number of ways to better the lives of the students in the World Arts and Cultures community at UCLA. In addition, we strive to contribute to the University and the City of Los Angeles while simultaneously drawing from the cultural and artistic resources of both. Through our annual presentation of Undergraduate work, WAC SMASH! we have given students not only a rare opportunity to perform and present work in a formal setting, but also an opportunity to collaborate and experience each other's academic and artistic visions while expressing and refining their own. Through our Master Class and Lecture Series we have provided students with lessons that would not otherwise be available to them within the Department, whether due to the subject matter or the lack of access to a particular Master Teacher.

We strive in every way to make things better for our members and the community at large. As artists and scholars we know that we deserve the right to knowledge, to share our gifts, and to constantly strive for improvement in our world.


Lauren Ziminsky and Eva Wilder

Adam Vartanian

Digital Media Producer
Joseph Conde

CSP Advisor
Pam Cysner

Organization Faculty Advisor
Angelia Leung

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Last Updated: October 17, 2004